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Address:Liuyang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone,Changsha,Hunan Province,China.
Sales tel:+86-0731-83209466
Website: www.t-works.cc
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Service Tenet

Designing and manufacturing to the order of customers interests first
-Do everything we could for our customers
-Keeping in mind the principle that service is an indispensable part of our products and  Embodiment of the value of them, Changsha Tianwei Engineering Machinery Manufacturing  Co., Ltd has set up a 24-hour Service Center providing quick and good service on the site to  Our customers to ensure the normal operation of our products.

Our Promise for Service
-To train operating, maintenance and construction people for our customers.
-Always be  ready to answer technical questions concerned from our customers.
-Be responsible for the quality of our products and provide technical service of installing, making adjustment and testing and maintenance on the site in time.
-To send technicians to the worksite at short notice to solve problems or fix breakdowns.
-Keep a record of our customers and be informed of the working performance of our products and the feedback and suggestions of our customers so as to make a good Cooperation with them.